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Curiosity, our creative ambition, our thirst for adventure: that keeps us moving. New ways to go, off the beaten track, that fits in with our commitment to individuality. That's why we usually choose the steep, arduous route. Because we can only continue to develop in this way, find inspiration for new projects and make valuable friends who join our ropes. Because they believe in the vision and power of us. That these long-term partnerships have resulted from these chance encounters makes us proud. That is why we will continue on this path: We do not just want to reach the summit, we want to leave traces.



Our cancellation conditions are clearly defined in the terms and conditions. Also in the confirmation you get by booking. Why... because we live from this profession. Because as soon as someone "logs in", he or she is already on our "RADAR", where we work ahead. Because we also have to pay empolyees. And there are processing fees (which of course we do not charge) with every change. Because we can not respond to the vagaries and fears of each booking and their condition. Because we want commitment, because independence requires discipline, a certain order and damned courage. And... because we do not have a sponsor behind us, who catches us and we also do not get unemployment benefits, or sick pay, when things are not going so well. That's why we have our cancellation conditions.