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Changes and adjustments of the menus are always reserved.

The Rhine Valley is our home. The Rhine Valley is our inspiration. Also for the food in the Moutain Hut. But the Rhine Valley is also a claim and a commitment. Because the Rhine valley stands for lived tradition, for authenticity and for a life in and with nature. Also with the products we use. And we feel committed to these values ​​of our homeland. As well as the urge for freedom. That's what the summit of “Gamsberg” (Chamois Mountain) stands for. The highest mountain in the Werdenberg region. This stands for cosmopolitanism and the search for new goals. And in this sense, the Rhine Valley is more than a region to us: it is an idea and a feeling that we carry out with passion and conviction into the world. In the mountains, on the beaches and in the gorges of the big city. Record the vibrations - and with you. Also on your plate in our restaurant.