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Mountain hut Malbun - Buchserberg

25 % pioneer
25 % enjoyment
25 % adventure
25 % original
100 % Mountain hut Malbun Buchserberg

Sincerely welcome - 137‘100 cm above the everyday life.




The Mountain Hut (Restaurant & Hotel) will be closed from 28 October until 20th November 2019 for the mid season break. We start our winter season on the 21st November 2019. We sincerely thank you for your visit this summer season and say goodbye.


Grüezi, Hoi, Heile, Zewas & Grüss Gott

In a world in which words often count more than true values, in which appearance touches more than being. In a world where emotions are produced rather than perceived. In this world, we promise nothing more than that we remain true to ourselves and our values ​​and that we do not follow every trend, but our convictions. For a world where hospitality is not just an empty phrase but touches you. Nice to have you with us.